Wear Zaful and Hakuna Matata

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Hi guys, do you remember my spring items wishlist post from Zaful? Guess what, I’ve got them…under my skin, I’ve got them… Ok, first you need to understand something about me – the naked truth is that when I’m happy, I’m singing like a crazy person, high volumes guys and yes, I feel sad for my neighbors.

Anyhoo, I’ve got the items I wished for and I took a stroll down my beautiful capital (Belgrade, Serbia) wearing them. I felt like “Lights, models, just give your best darling” so take a look at some of the Zaful items I wore just for photo shooting and if you want to buy something (you should do it if you like it) I’ve linked the text below the pictures (so you don’t bore yourself to death searching where to click). So, if you like something from the pictures just scroll down and read about the items I wore. <3

Zaful items from the pictures are:

1. High Waist Pleated Faux Leather Skirt – Black – Guys, I felt like a queen wearing this skirt. This midi skirt is of a pleated design and it looks gorgeous on every figure. Even if you have a lil tummy here and there (we all have it because its winter :D) you will look absolutely stunning in it. Because it’s of a medium length it didn’t cut my figure but my legs looked taller because I’ve pair it with high heels. You can even wear it with the flats. Price is really good, only 22.99$. Click to see the details of this gorgeous piece HERE.

2. Gauze Embroidered Patch Bodysuit in black color – I’ve ordered M because I thought it wont be to big for me, but it turned out it was big. I did some corrections and sized it down to S (coz S is my size). On the website sizes are true so if you are considering buying it do the measurements according to their size chart and you will be golden. Anyway, I think this bodysuit is my fav item coz it’s so light and you can easily wear it without the bra (which is a relief to be honest :D). It’s an ideal item for spring. And if you fell in love with this bodysuit as I am, you can buy it HERE!

3. Chinese Embroidery Faux Leather Flower Bracelet – This lovely bracelet really gave my look a certain edge I was going for (coz I’m all about Punk is not dead, ok? :D) Lol, to be honest it was a perfect fit with my bodysuit and complete outfit.  I just looooove wrap bracelets coz you cant lose them. Check the other one HERE  because they sold this one out.

4. Red tassel drop earrings – Who likes tassels, raise your hands let me see them?!! Ok, you cant rock all of those things without the earrings. Its logically impossible. Lol. They are so gorgeous oh guys I can’t describe you how light they but effective enough to match the right way with my look.  They have ruby gem in the center and these beautiful artificial stones around it. Do you like it?  They cost only 2.69$, check them out HERE!

And because I’ve had so much fun wearing these beautiful pieces of Zaful for spring 2018, I’ve shot like tons of pictures which you can see (all of them) in the mini gallery below the post.

Many thanks to my friend Violeta Vukosavljević for these gorgeous pics she took of me.

Don’t forget to check out the links and to buy something if you like it! <3


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