If you bought Vichy Dermablend foundation, your life would be easier

Is it too dark, or too light? Can the foundation cover everything, am I seeing imperfection on my skin after applying it or this foundation will fall too heavily on my pocket? And maybe its cheap, and its good for me?

Arhh… always a dilemma… to find a perfect Foundation.

Those ones who lean to the highest degree of excellence will probably be happy about this, but the others will see this perfection as something impossible (even that we all strive for perfection, but we just don’t want to admit it) when it comes to finding the proper foundation. We live in a fast pace, crazy world. We go to bed late, party all night, eat fast food and maybe smoke that cigarette from time to time, cracking all day because of the stressful job, private things etc. And then, how, tell me how can we not be ugly to ourselves when we look at the mirror? How can we not search for an instant perfection in a small bottle? They say, prevention is a half way to health. I agree, but for this kind of perfection you need a bigger wallet and so much time for cosmetic treatments, which modern woman cant afford to herself these days.

Calculation is so clear. Im gonna explain. BB cream doesn’t cost more than 7 eur. It doesn’t cover anything, you must add concealer, blush, eye shadow and who knows what else you use for your face to make it look good. Medium (price range) foundation costs up to 1-2 eur more than BB cream and also doesn’t cover everything. Maybe it leaves marks on your skin, small crumbs and who knows what else you cant see with the naked eye. More expensive foundation (from 30 eur or up) covers everything; you don’t need a concealer or anything else (except you are make up professional and you are contouring like a crazy person).

  1. BB cream/Medium foundation – it lasts a month (best case scenario) because you want to cover everything and put foundation more than its normal. You lose 7 eur every month. Three months – 21 eur. 
  2. Expensive foundation – lasts three months (maybe more) because it has good density and you don’t put it too much and it covers everything. Price – 30 eur (or more) – 10 eur per month. 

Which option is more profitable….hmmm tough choice?! No way!

Lets talk products, ok? For years I have been using Loreal which is great, but I had some troubles with it to be honest, for example when I cry during the chick flick movie I look like someone ripped a part of my skin in a really strange geometric shape. :O Just a year ago (soundtrack from the Star Wars.. or the other one movie… I keep forgetting it), Ive got to try no one else but Vichy Dermablend foundation. You can imagine my surprise. Ive always connected Vichy  with the cosmetic products (face creams, tonics etc) but not too much as a make up brand. But, beautiful things happened to ones who are astonished. Ive tried a shade which I got (25 Nude because my skin wasn’t tanned at that time) and automatically  I dropped down the mirror from my table on the floor because I couldn’t recognize my face anymore. Guys, Im 35 y old. This foundation practically reduced my age to 20. Haha, I look younger than I am (genetics) but I simply couldn’t believe how much this foundation was velvet like and soft and flirty sticking to my face and erasing all of the flaws I had on my skin. I think you can’t imagine what I am talking about if you haven’t tried Vichy Dermablend. Its like killing a Dodo – you must try it!

Since then, the main product in my cosmetic bag is this foundation. AND NO OTHER FOUNDATION! Then, around New Year, Vichy had a huge discount on products and some cool gifts, and I’ve got the shade (35 SAND, coz I’ve done some tanning) and this beautiful cosmetic bag which contained Vichy Ideal Body Losion, I later brought with me on my trip to Italy.

No more talking, go and treat yourself with this perfection of a foundation.

You are welcome! 🙂


10 thoughts on “If you bought Vichy Dermablend foundation, your life would be easier

  1. Da, savrsena prekrivna moc. Jedini koji sam dugo zelela da imam i kupila sam ga kad je bila akcija sa gratis cistacem 3u1. Zaista je odlican i zaista su podrebna 2-3 tufera da se skine.

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