Have you tried SO Bio etic cosmetics?

Straight from the south of France, from the district Périgny, comes SO Bio etic cosmetics that is a strong advocate for natural beauty which should be, nowadays, an imperativ for all of us. Keeping that in mind, SO Bio etic  have developed special treatments which are perfect for all skin types. Without paraben, silicon, PEG, nano particles and chemical filters, these products go through specific testing phases in order to become safe for you to use, without being scared to get an allergy reaction on your skin and giving you special care you deserve.

How many times you’ve asked yourself “Is my face really in a need of those chemical things I buy?” Do you need heavy fruit acid treatments or medical cosmetics which dries your face like crazy and then you have issues with dehydration? Or … you simply need a good organic care, straight from the nature?

For years, I had problems with acne (even today I can see some of them), my hormones are just like that. And I used really heavy chemicals (lets not name the brands) which promised me acne dryness and hormone regulation in order for acne to vanish. Every winter I did one or two those fruit acid treatments, and I wasn’t checking at all if those acids are good for my skin. And… guess what? After 30 my skin was extremely dry and dehydrated. I was obviously wrong…

SO Bio etic cosmetics have three skincare lines (active ingredients):

  • Skincare line of argan oil, that contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid, providing intense hydration and anti-aging effects;
  • Donkey milk line which is loaded with rehydrating oligo-elements and mineral salts and
  • aloe vera line which is made from pure plant juice rather than powdered extract, ensuring all of the benefits of the plant are fully preserved.

Bearing in mind my previous, very positive, experience with the products from donkey milk and aloe vera, I got those to test.

So, lets start with the micellar lotion. They have three kinds of lotions (for various skin types). Ive got universal one (All skin types) with organic hydration. When you open the bottle you’ll immediately feel a fresh smell of Aloe Vera and because the bottle is too heavy (500 ml) be careful how you put it on a cotton pad you can put too much (and because I am clumsy, of course it happened to me). For the purpose of this test, I wiped with this micellar lotion two layers of my mascara and in the picture (on a cotton pad) you can see how well it wiped with just one wipe. Second wipe time is just skimble – skamble because it really wipes everything at first. Feeling you have after using this lotion is gentle, with the nice smell and really fresh. It wipes good even heavy foundation, but you must wipe like three times (I use Vichy Dermablend).

So, lets talk hydration. Wrapped in a beautiful package (50ml) by the name Creme soyeuse hydratante or Silky Hydrating Cream from the donkey milk. Its important to say that this face cream can be applied in the morning and in the night (before going to bed). In the picture you can see the cream I have tried, its for ALL skin types. Basic ingredients are: donkey milk (hydration and regeneration of the skin) and aloe vera (hydration and calming the skin). I really loved the fact that, even with the main ingredient (donkey milk) these cream has all the other active ingredients. Its texture isn’t too light, so is best for winter times!

Third product in my cosmetic bag from SO BiO etic is Hydrating Booster Serum (30ml). Personally, I prefer serums than face creams so this product have just become my favorite one! I am using remaining parts of the YourGoodSkin serum so I will continue to use this one further. You can apply serum in the morning and also before the going to bed (same as a face cream) and this product is suitable for all skin types. Beside donkey milk, shea butter and aloe vera this serum contains also avocado oil (which protects and restores skin) so this booster really came from heaven.

Take a look at their Website and who knows maybe you fell in love with this products as I did. 🙂

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  1. This all sounds so nice! I haven’t tried that particular brand, but I would like to! I like the idea of avoiding silicone and parabens in skincare products and anything with the word BIO attracts my attention. Great post!

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