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Purepotions founder, Natalie Balmond has been searching for years a perfect solution for her daughters chronic eczema (severely dry and itchy skin). She then began to experiment with traditional recipes for moisturizers that could be used on very sore and itchy skin after other products, both conventional and alternative, only aggravated her daughter Lula’s skin condition. She used prescribed emollients from her dermatologist but nothing could help her. Even worse, her skin was more agitated. Then, the only thing that have left is for her to make her own moisturizer without any ingredients which would be a trigger for hers daughters skin.  No preservatives, no unnecessary fragrances, no chemical emulsifiers or ingredients only there for the sake of appearance. It had to be totally natural and as mild as possible.

Natalie started experimenting with cooking up traditional ointments and salves in her kitchen; she used combinations of herbs and oils such as hemp, calendula, nettle and olive use in skincare for centuries. To her great delight and relief, the salve she eventually came up with was soft and gentle and worked really well as a natural moisturiser to hydrate and maintain the health of Lula’s sensitive skin. This was the birth period of Purepotions.

Natalie then started making up batches of what was to become Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment for friends and relatives; eventually a local newspaper took up her story and she was inundated with requests for the salve.

This led to her founding Purepotions and going on to develop other natural skincare products, including a Daily Moisturising Cream, some wonderful oils and a range made especially for babies. The Skin Salvation range is also sold to thousands of people worldwide, whose positive feedback in the form of letters, emails and testimonies bears witness to its success..

I wanted to try these products because my skin is so dry and itchy in winter and autumn, and almost I can see the wounds in my hands when its really cold outside. Keeping that in mind, I new that Purepotions is going to help my seasonal skin condition.

I’ve started using Skin Salvation Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil with rosehip and calendula to remove make-up and clean the face. This 100% natural facial cleanser is made of reach natural oils which when massaged into the skin, it binds  to impurities or to oily make-up, allowing them to be gently wiped away without clogging pores and leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated. This amazingly pure and gentle oil also nourishes and protects skin that might need extra care, particularly aging, fragile or damaged skin. This is because, unlike most cleansers, their Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil contains absolutely no perfumes, preservatives or synthetics. They don’t even use essential oils in this blend, to avoid the possibility of irritating the especially sensitive skin on the face. I also tried this oil during a massage and after bathing and it was a God-given. All in one product for us who have problems with dry skin or even more severe problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc.

Next product I’ve tried is from Skin Salvation line, Bath and Body Emollient Oil. This is an unique blend of super nutritious botanicals, suitable for use anywhere on the body and for all skin types and all ages (from 6 weeks). This fabulously versatile blend of naturally nourishing oils has a multitude of uses: you can use it as a gorgeously-scented massage oil, as a shaving oil, as an emollient after a shower to lock moisture into thirsty skin, as a facial cleansing oil or as part of a baby changing kit. I personally used it after the waxing, after the bath, during the massage and it’s gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with this one (or any product here, honestly) because it’s completely natural and suitable for everyone.

Oh my, I love this one. Skin Salvation Daily Moisturizing Cream is one of the best I’ve ever tried in my life. This daily cream is similar to Ointment (which I will talk about later) because all essential natural ingredients which are existing in ointment were taken and incorporated here in more softer, more absorbed way to make your sensitive skin hydrated and beautiful. With all natural ingredients, this Daily Cream is suitable for all ages and skin types. I really love this formula, it makes my skin moisturized and soft all day.

For a more intensive emollient, especially if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, you can try beeswax-based Intensive Moisturising Ointment which is a mind-blowing thing. I use it personally most on elbows and on heels which are the parts that are mostly prone to dryness. After using it couple of times I seriously improved my skin around this particular areas. Elbows are not dry and dark anymore and heels are soft like baby skin. No wonder this is an award – winning natural moisturizer from Purepotions!

Another thing I like to use daily on my face is Skin Salvation Intensive Facial Oil which gives me daily dose of oil reach ingredients. This is a gorgeous blend of beneficial oils specially chosen for their incredible rejuvenating properties, feeding tired, delicate or damaged skin with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay soft, healthy and hydrated. It’s an ideal overnight treatment (which I am planning to use it more at night) and can be used to soften scars, blemishes and blotchiness, smoothing out uneven skin tone and caring for thirsty, dehydrated and ageing skin. Perfect for the sensitive skin of pregnant women and new mothers (it can even be used on stretch marks!), or to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is reach with unusually high proportion of pure rosehip oil in our formulation, as well as luxurious lavenderpalmarosa and Roman Chamomile essential oils and the best quality, UK-sourced cold-pressed organic sunflower and organic calendula oils.

This Skin Salvation Intensive Hand Cream I am saving for the winter because it’s a deeply-nourishing but wonderfully gentle cream that they formulated to keep hard-working hands healthy and hydrated. The soft, shea butter-based cream works both as a protective barrier against environmental irritants and as a super-nutritious boost for skin that needs extra help, feeding it with the essential fatty acids and vitamins it needs to maintain its regular cycle of regeneration and repair. Rich in hemp seed oil and blended with Roman Chamomile essential oil, it uses the same four skin-kind herbs (chamomile, calendula, nettle and chickweed)  which are found in products mentioned here previously.

I’ve enjoyed trying these wonderfully natural product from Purepotions  and if you have a problem with your skin – you can turn to them for help. You won’t regret using these products because they are 100% natural.

Purepotions range is also stocked in BootsHolland & BarrettWaitrose and major health food chains, chemists and independent shops across the UK.

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  1. This is a first time for me to read about Pure Potions. They seem like a genuinely nice and gentle brand. That cleansing oils is a must, and the day cream seems good too!

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