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From Catherine Deneuve, to Brigitte Bardot, to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Phyto cosmetics has been the subject of admiration for more than 50 years …

It all started when Patrick Ales, the founder of the luxury Phyto brand for hair care, bought a house in Provence and found in his basement jars of dry, milled, plants that probably previous owner of the property left there. Beautiful and nourished hair was the greatest passion to Ales and the main drive to achieve his vision of the brand he had in mind. Working for more than 15 years in the Paris hairdresser saloons, Ales wanted to raise hair care to a higher level, fleeing from the heavy chemicals that are present in all care products. With the help of his wife and some scientists  friends, from his garage, and with the plants he inherited, he then began the process of bringing these ingredients into his hair care products.

He have achieved what he wanted. He created the first hydrating hair cream in the world, to date, the famous Phyto 7, which has an incredible mixture of seven plants, carefully blended together. From the garage to the worldwide success, the Phyto brand is now internationally known. Almost fifty years after the first products, some of them are still used and are among the most popular: Phyto 7 cream, Huile de Ales, Phytopolleine. What is perhaps the most interesting fact is that Patrick Ales and his family and friends are still testing new products first on their own, and then let them go into the production process and then sell them. Pretty amazing, huh?

The whole story related to this brand is simply incredible, and the rest if you are interested, you can read HERE.

Ever since it became a trend to die your hair  (at age 18 in my case) I’ve started experimenting with my hair. My hair has always been extremely thin (like babies have) and it was noticeably falling. Genetics is a miracle. Although I continued to treat and treat my hair with the chemicals, from dying to hydrogen. After 15 years, and some, of raw hair killing, I’ve found myself in the situation that my haircuts did not help me either. My hair is not ugly, to be understood, but it is generally destroyed by all the bad ingredients I’ve been using for many years. I’ve tried all kinds of “good hair products” that eventually turned out to be not good or that they are good, but basically they are not good for my hair type. Rotting in the vortex of well – bad, greasy – dry, short and long – my hair has suffered. Today she is very greasy after the first day of washing, extremely dry at the ends, without life and tangled.

For Phyto kozmetiku I have heard years before, and only month before I’ve started to use their hair products.

I’ve started with the Phytologist 15 – absolute energising shampoo for hair loss. This shampoo is oftenly called “Energy in the bottle” because it prevents hair loss treating the hair from the scalp until the ends, boosting the growth and bringing back desirable hair density. And all of that because of the active botanical ingredients. Great thing is that this shampoo is unisex (both women and men can use it) and my father keeps stealing it. 😀 It contains active ingredients of the cocoa, guarana extract and red algae extract. I’ve used this shampoo two times (because it cant make a proper foam first time): first time you just massage it in the scalp and all around and rinse and for the second time you should do all the steps (from the 1st time) but leave the shampoo to stay 5 minutes on your hair. After that, you rinse it with lukewarm water.

After the shampoo, I’ve used hair mask, Phytokeratine Extreme – for extremely dry and damaged hair. This mask is made to bring back that shiny, elastic and firm hair we all want, even in the cases of really damaged hair. Active ingredients: botanical keratine, baobab oil and zapota butter. On the wet or towel dried hair apply small amount of this mask to mid-lengths and ends and comb my hair. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. After using it, hair is really silky and shiny and hydrated.

When I do not use Phytologist 15, I put on my Phytodensia Plumping shampoo  for volume, vitality and shiny hair. This shampoo is recommended for hair that is old because it works on it so that it returns a youthful look. Keeping emphasis on nature and on hair regeneration, combating hair loss and shine, this formula is without sulphate intended for gentle cleansing of the scalp. Phyto shampoos are concentrated, do not contain water, and instead of water there are herbal extracts! The process of washing the hair with this shampoo is the same as with the Phytologist.

When the hair is supported by shampoo and mask, I dry it with a light towel and I put on the famous Phyto 7 treatment for dry, thin and wavy hair. I put on this cream, in the size of the pea grain, onto the palm, and rub into the hair ends. After that, I dry my hair with a fan (I know it’s not good, but I can’t help it, I’m used to it). This non-greasy Phyto 7 formula is designed to restore the hair needed moisture, giving it glow, softness and tenderness. It consists of plant extracts: soybeans, whiskey, rosemary, sage, marigold, willow.

After a month of intense use of Phyto’s hair care products, I can see the difference that is noticeable in terms of density, gloss and overall look of my hair. Now she is staying  for two days without washing (she was greasy earlier the day after washing) and somehow I feel a little lighter in my head (no matter how ridiculous this sounds). Here are a couple of photos as evidence ( you can see how the hair color looks more expressive and the hair itself is extremely shiny and nourished).

I am very pleased with this brand, not only because it is “doing the job” but it is also about the emergence of this brand, and the whole story that rounded it up was a great motive for me to become their user. And, if I have a chance sometimes in the future… maybe I’ll visit their own phyto garden which is a huge and beautiful and  with great species that are still being studied and implemented today in these beautiful products.

I am ending this blog post with a wonderful quote by Patrick Ales, who says, “The hair is alive, the hair is beautiful! The mission of Phyto cosmetics is to treat hair with care and respect.”

Have you tried anything from Phyto Cosmetics? What are you waiting for?


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