Perfect skin in a jiffy #YourGoodSkin

There are two main problems in modern day life of every woman.

1. I have nothing to wear

2. I can’t find a good face cream. 

We are gonna focus on the second problem. Sorry guys, but there will be talking about the first problem in another blog post.

Every time I buy a new face cream, or moisturizer, or face scrub, or micellar water or tonic I am good with it for a few days and after that I just find my skin too dry or too greasy. The reason we all face the same thing, over and over again, is that we have combination skin or our skin to too dehydrated and we cant distinguished one from another. Since I’ve started using face cosmetics (teenage years, long time ago), my T- zone was greasy and the other area was too dry or dehydrated. Ive always had trouble finding something which will suit my face skin perfectly.

I have tried everything. Really, one time I spent 300$ on face cosmetics, damn, and still I didn’t make my skin balanced, even with such an expensive threat.

Until recently. Month ago, I got an email from the cosmetic brand, called Your Good Skin which I later found out that they are legit part of the Boots UK brands, writing me that they want to do a collab with me on my Instagram profile (because I didn’t have blog at that time). The deal was that they are going to send me free items, as a part of their Influencer campaign, and all I need to do was to try the products and do a #28DayChallenge on my Instagram (picture here and there: me with the product, essentials, product placement etc) and tag them for people to see my progress while I use their products.

I was positively surprise because they wanted to collaborate with the girl from Serbia and a little bit sceptic about their products because I haven’t tried them (if you read what I wrote earlier in the text, you feel me). But, I was up for the challenge!

I’ve got the following products: 

  1. From the line to fit All skin: Moisturizing Make-Up Remover Wipes,  Pore Minimizing Tonic
  2. From the line Restore (target imbalances): Balancing Skin Concentrate and
  3. From the line Hydrating (specific care): Instant Dryness Rescue

  1. Make up remover wipes are something that every woman needs in her purse and in her daily make up routine. Unlike the previous ones Ive tried so far these are the best in form of removing all the make up (from mascara and foundation). Pore Minimizing Tonic goes after you removed make up with wipes (obviously but I want to point that out) and you can see maybe 2% of the foundation left on a pad when you go over the face with the tonic, after the wipes, which is a surprising fact because wipes don’t do this good, ever. And, on top of all that, it minimizes pores and leaves your skin so balanced and flawless.
  2. Balancing Skin Concentrate you can use after the cleaning with wipes and tonic. And let me tell you one thing, this product is A…MAZING!!! It’s like a face serum, you just use the small amount of it and apply on the whole face (twice a day). This product is designed to improve five key signs of healthy looking skin; skin texture, skin tone evenness, moisture levels, oiliness & radiance.
  3. And I’ve saved best for the last, meet a tiny miracle called Instant Dryness Rescue. This product can be used in a combination with the tonic and wipes and not immediately after the serum. It can be used every time you feel that your skin is dehydrated or dry, just put a little bit on those spots and this rich balm will instantly sooth your dry skin & provide long lasting relief. Its so tiny that you can put it easily in your bag (even in the small one) and bring with yourself.

After this 28 days I’ve been using their products my skin is visibly changed. Its balanced in T-zone, dehydrated – NOT MORE, and I feel better with myself cause I don’t need heavy make up to put every day because my skin is GOOD!

Try them, they even offer Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products. I love when companies do that, you know then that they are doing something right, that their products are tested and proven to fit every skin!

If you have any question about the products I’ve used feel free to write me below the post, in the comment or by email.

I’ll surely continue to use their products because they are my cup of perfection. <3

6 thoughts on “Perfect skin in a jiffy #YourGoodSkin

  1. That 28 days challenge seems interesting! It is always nice to hear about some new cosmetics! I would definitely like to try this brand, but as far as I am aware, boots cancelled international site, or am I wrong?

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