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Once upon a time, but not that long ago, Mr Filip Filip Tysander went on a trip around the world. On his trip he have met very interesting gentleman whose name was Daniel Wellington. Classical geezer, Sherlock style, with immpecable taste in fashion and accessories, his love were vintage watches which he wore solely with NATO straps. If we remember the 70s, British Navy was bat crazy about NATO style and have implemented it on T – shirts, dresses, and particularly on watch straps.

Filip, inspired by classical, buy yet royal style which has Daniel proudly shown in his accessories, he wanted to implement this concept in his line of watches which will, as he thought, pleasure ones who love vintage, classic style, who love colors and even those who like to experiment a bit and give unique features to their look by wearing DW watches.

All the watches which Daniel Wellington has proudly represent on the website can be combined in million different ways. How come? Well, the magic lays in the STRAP! You can change straps on the DW watch as you wish, and if you want another combo you can easily mix it. DW watches are a real fit for every occasion. If you are doing sports, for example, you can wear the NATO strap. But, if you are rushing to an important meeting, you can pick some gorgeous pieces from the collection of leather straps, and finally if you go to the really elegant event you can rock DW watch with exquisite gold, silver or black Mesh strap which will give your overall look the royal spark.

I heard for Daniel Wellington watches in 2013, two years after their launch. I’ve been wathing their growth on the market and I am a proud owner of seven different collection watches. You can see me as a DW freak and I am going to let that pass – BECAUSE I AM POCO LOCO.

I love watches which have that simplicity moment and style, where you can clearly see the minimalism which is actually increasing the value of the piece because its becoming pure perfection.

I want to share with you these wonderful pictures I’ve made with the DW watches from their new collection:

Classic Petite Melrose 32 mm – this watch has an impecable design. Personally, I am not fond of Mesh strap, because earlier I wore similar ones and they’ve been broken easily. But, this piece has an awesome mechanism on the strap which you can easily adjust (I have small wrists and I am all petite and this is a thing from heaven for me). Lovely lines, starting with the mechanism, until the watch hands, color intensity and lightness of the strap. And it looks so royal, Gosh… :O I think that every women need to have this gold piece to match perfectly with that little black dress. 😉

– Classic Roselyn 40 mm – this color is going well with every outfit. Rich NATO strap design, elegant hands… all of this is making this piece very luxurious. Don’t get easily overthrown that you can’t rock NATO strap outside the sport look, you can match with the dress easily. Time have changed, and I know that because my mother is reminding me every day of it. 😉 Mums theory is that watch cant be worn with elegant dress, with the dress at all. I believe that was a 60s fashion to not wear a watch with the dress, because my mother was a teenager in that time. Now, everything is allowed. I’ve even seen on Instagram that some girl wore the watch on a ancle of a leg. :O


I am not showing you my previous collection of DW watches because I believe that these ones, from the new collection, are really a step forward if we talk about design and overall look. Check now this new collection (where you can see the read and the blue strap). His name is Classic Bayswater in Rose Gold. It is really great that you can pick your strap for every piece and also pick the size of the watch that varies from 28 up to 40 mm.

So, if you like DW watches and would like to be their proud owner, Daniel Wellington and I, are giving you special discount, on every watch, 15% off. You just need to type the code “milicadenic” on their website when you chose your piece and immediately you will get your discount. This coupon code “milicadenic” is valid until June 15th. And also, THE SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE!

La vita e bella quando indosso DW orologio. 😉

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