Melissa in Wonderland

How well do you remember Alice’s adventures in Wonderland? My Gosh, how I loved that book. I practically devoured it as a kid. I remember I’ve got the small orange book (english version of course). Think I was eight, nine years old when I started reading it. I still have it, and sometimes (but don’t tell anyone) I sometimes read it. :O

Keeping Alice’s Wonderland in mind, I’ve tried to relive her adventures through this gorgeous Rosegal outfit in my favorite place in Belgrade. This place is absolutely magical. Hidden deep in the woods there is a letter “S” shaped natural lake, called Ada Safari,  which is a daily shelter for the fish lovers, and fishermans, but even for the couples who seek for a little romance for themselves.

Enjoying picnic for the May Day, or Labour Day here in Serbia we actually don’t work because it’s a national holiday. We actually decided to digress a little bit from this custom and do some mean #fashionyesyes photo shooting, deep in the nature, away from grilled meat smell, folk music and drunk people in the woods (because this is a custom thing here for the May 1st). Hey, I’m not judging, I’m just saying… 🙂

If you are a frequent reader here, you know what I’ve ordered from Rosegal (if you didnt read me yet, check what I’ve ordered HERE). Read this text I’ll write below, and if it’s too boring for you, you can just scroll down and look at the pics from this shooting (I know you’ll be back here). 😀

The dress I’ve ordered is a princess dress. I am not particalary fond of those kind of dresses, but if the base is of a blue color I will put it on myself (even if it’s a cloth lol).

Melissa in Wonderland dress is so comfortable for wearing, I just can’t describe you how good it is. It’s good to mention that I’ve been taking pics wearing this dress and outside was 28 C degrees and I honestly didn’t feel uncomfortable or hot in her (ok, I’m hot…but you know where I’m going with this). 😛 Dress is covered with lace, and underneath is silky like flowery finish. Magnificent piece, ideal for a tea party with Mad Hatter. Look at it HERE!

The second piece was lovely pink bag. Let’s be honest, I don’t like small bags. I’m more of a “backpack kinda girl”, but this bag I’ve got isn’t small at all. You can put in it: iphone 8+, pack of cigarettes, chewing gums, candies, lipstick, small mirror,  smaller wallet and you have one small pocket with a zipper where you can hide something you want. Ideally! This particular bag is sold, but you can look at the similar ones HERE!

I adore watches, I’m obsessed with them. I have around 30 pieces (I know, I am a hoarder). This plane baby pink watch I’ve got is the best addition to my collection! Take a look at the other pieces HERE, because they’ve already sold this one.

I don’t want to keep you any longer, just take a look how Melissa (my name – Milica – translated) enjoyed the tea party.

P.S. Mad Hatter is so strange, but handsome. D 😀 😀

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this magical photo shooting which is, believe it or not, done by his majesty iPhone 8 plus because I couldn’t bring my camera with me.  It seems I didn’t need my Nikon after all! 🙂

Much love and kisses from your Melissa who enjoyed in this beautiful combo in Wonderland.

What do you like the most, and the least… write me in comments! :*

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