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Oh, where should I start? Maybe with that we live in a crazy, fast paced, world and that we don’t have time to fix ourselves in a proper way? When I say “fix ourselves” I mean to patch our faces to make them more beautiful, to use products which are good for our skin. Let’s talk Patchology.

Patchology was formed around the idea that truly effective delivery of great skincare ingredients, on your terms, is a game changer. Over ten years ago, their founding team began developing innovative patch technologies for the medical field. Today, they’re continuing to expand that expertise in ingredient delivery to create products that do more, work faster, and deliver better results. They are also driven to create products that keep up with your busy schedule, whether you’ve only got 5 minutes, or you’re ready to slow down and have a little fun. Whatever your speed, their products will not only fulfill the promise, but fit your life. They call it “beauty at the speed of you,” and that’s the inspiration for everything they do.

Because of their such an amazing story and the idea of making something different and ready to use, I wanted to try their products and do a review in this blog post. When I contacted them for the collaboration, I wanted to try lip and eye patches and they’ve sent also some of their 5 minute flash masks which was a total surprise, positive one – I was jumping for joy.

The first one I’ve tried were FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels. I tried some of the domestic products (I am from Serbia) but found them just plain and not useful at all. I’ve heard about these patches from Patchology and was over the moon when I got them. Package is very good, there are 5 patches inside this beautifully designed box and when you open one the patches they are safely stored in a patch like gel-ly shape. You have to be careful when you put them because they are fragile. The best thing about these patches are the fact they are designed to be applied between 10pm and 12am which is the best time to repair your skin. You can just put them before going to bed (or just put them between these hours coz some of us are staying a bit late working until the morning) and you can put all of your dark circles and fine lines to bed. They are rich with Retinol (anti – aging miracle), Peptides, Cedrus atlantica (which brightens your skin and reduces dark circles) and Arnica extract (which soothes tired eyes to sleep). These patches work in just 5 minutes (you can let them stay longer if you wish) and in that time they can restore your eyes completely! Pretty unbelievable, huh? But it actually isn’t, when you try them you’ll see!

The second product I’ve tried were FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gels. I was afraid a lil bit, to be honest because I dont like those pump lips things which make your lips bigger and then you start itching and scratching your lips …. crazy stuff, but this was not a case, thank God. These clear lip patches have also gel like texture (like the night eye patches) and are fragile and so soft. They nurture and hydrate your lips in a way no lip balm can do. No more dry lips with these ones guys! After using, lips are prepped for make up and for some selfies! 😀 They are rich with Peptides and Green Tea extract which soothe and deliver protective antioxidants. Niacinamide helps increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels and prevent skin from losing water which is the most important thing in winter time. Take a look at some pics!

I’ve had such a fun time trying 5-minute flash masks from Patchology. I like things which are ready to use and don’t need some special amount of time to be applied. So, these sheet masks were a perfect thing to put on when I was in a hurry, from one errand to another. So, let’s do a little recap what I’ve tried from these masks:

FlashMasque Milk Peel 5 minute sheet mask – Awww with this one I’ve felt like Cleopatra to be honest. When its applied on the face, you feel a breath of freshness and you know your face is gonna look good after it. It is rich with Lactic Acid (which kills dull cells and exfoliates them), moisturizing coconut and soy milk. Milk, please!! And it also smooths, bright skin redness and irritation! I couldn’t ask for more.

FlashMasque Hydrate 5 minute sheet mask – The ultimate thirst quencher! With this mask, moisture is the main thing. It’s the best thing in killing the face dehydration and easing your facial fatigue. When you apply it on your face you immediately feel incredible and full of energy to conquer the world! Yes, baby!

FlashMasque Illuminate 5 minute sheet mask – Anyone talking about glow? This one is a master in making your face glowing like a night star. It’s reach with Vitamin C, Licorice and Grapefruit Seed Extracts. Not only it gives you illumination your face deserve, it also brightens your look – inside and out. Shine bright like a diamond, girl!

FlashMasque Firm 5 minute sheet mask for face and neck – Ohh I love this one. It lifts your face up in the sky and makes it firm like a Mike Tyson punch. It’s the best thing if you want to combat fine lines and wrinkles and lift your face in just 5 minutes. Its also great for your neck lines. With it you can knockdown all the imperfection which shows on your face.

SmartMud No Mess Mud Masques: Detox Sheet Mask – No mess with the mud – this is a true story. Did you know that mud is a great thing for your skin, its extra healthy for your body in a way it detoxifies it completely without leaving any pore – clogging debris behind. This mask also minimize skin’s impurities and maximize your glow game. Amen to Mud!

I hope you enjoyed this Patchology trip you went with me. I enjoyed it for sure and will continue to use their quality products! Be sure to check them out, I put links to their website and particular product links if you want something to boost your face and confidence in a jiffy. 🙂

See you in a patch! <3


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  1. This is such a great and detailed post, as always! I have experience with Korean patches, but these for sure sound great and I would like to give them a try!

  2. OMG this looks amazing! I want all of it! 🤗🤗 Those pic’s are amazing…thank you for share-ing this with us! Go girl 👌❤

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