About me

My name is Milica Denic and I’m the blogger behind Lipstick and Macaroons.

“It is said some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages. Destiny.”
– Prince of Persia

I love this quote. This quote stuck with me and I strongly believe that we are all connected in some odd way. The beauty in it when you find yourself completely stunned by the people you meet and you feel like you know them for ages, by the fragrance you smell in the air and you’re somehow familiar with it, by the move you make and you can remember you did it before, but can’t remember when.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about me…

100 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I was born on the 1st July 1982 and I like to be first in everything
2. I was the smallest and tiniest in the class
3. I was too bossy when I was younger
4. I love food and know to cook when I have time
5. I eat everything (not always healthy food) and then I do yoga endlessly
6. My vice is mocha coffee
7. I love cosmetics, I am obsessed with a good face cream
8. My make-up routine is simple and I do it in 5 minutes or less
9. My first concert was New Kids On The Block (and I am laughing about it)
10. I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne music when I was younger
11. I wanted to be a stewardess when I was a kid, and life happened
12. During high school I was doing heavy make up and had navy hair color, I looked like Marylin Manson
13. I have been working since I was 17
14. I have always loved science, math to be exact, but history wasn’t my cup of tea.
15. I have studied chemistry and tourism but finally decided it was better to stick with IT and Marketing.
16. Therefore, I have a degree in Computer Engineering, Economics and Marketing/PR
17. I have been working in digital marketing and PR for more than 10 years (agencies and freelancing)
18. During my faculty years I was a big video games player.
19. I have three more blog projects, beside this one
20. I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia
21. I love to travel
22. Love beaches and summer
23. Hate winter and cold weather
24. My dream is to live by the sea, to have a house on the beach, a dog and two kids
25. My dream vacation spots are Bora Bora, Cancun, Mauricus or Maldivi
25. I want to visit Paris
26. I am a big fan of music, can listen almost everything.
27. I have always traveled by car or by bus, and my first flight ever, by plane, I had a couple of weeks ago.
28. I was flying alone for the first time and it was a terrifying experience
29. So far, I’ve visited Croatia, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro
30. I am always writing something, whether it is a simple Copy for social media, or I am trying to come up with a new chapter of my book
31. Love cats and dogs, but dogs more
32. Love kids when they are not screaming
33. I have always wanted to have a dog. My choice will be Shar-pei or Pug. 😀
34. My perfect date: playing social or video games or walking by the river/sea
35. The most romantic date I have ever had was picnic in a park
36. The worst date ever was in the escape room. Then, I have figured it out that my date wasn’t smart enough
37. I often give guys (who are interested in me) mathematical puzzles. And if they are good in solving, they get my phone number
38. I looove to dance. I am a pretty good dancer, freelance style
39. Give me wine and cheese and I will love you forever
40. My favorite movie(s): Back to the future, Taxi, Princess Bride, Leap Year, The Ugly Truth, Breakfast at Tiffanys
41. I love gadgets and techy things
42. I like guys who talk techy things
43. I am doing photography since high school
44. I have Nikon D3200
45. I love smart men, geeky ones
48. I love men who appreciate art
49. I think I’ve found the special one
50. I am Chanel chick
51. I’m a fan of the Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who
52. I love the word NO and say it often (sometimes I mean YES, but I know it’s hard to figure it out)
53. I am pretty big when it comes to shopping, love fashion and expensive outfit, shoes and perfumes.
54. Sometimes a big fan of “Go with the flow”, sometimes all in schedules
55. I don’t think I’m capable of forgiving and forgetting
56. I have a low tolerance for BS and I always tell everything that’s on my mind
57. When I am stressed I use to walk and go to shopping.
58. I would love to paint and sketch
59. I am not a big fan of religion
60. I believe in myself
61. Wow. You’re still here?
62. I love to read
63. I like guys who read
64. Love learning foreign languages
65. Serbian is my mother tongue, but I speak: English, Spanish, a lil bit of French, Italian and Greek.
66. I’m never shy and I don’t care what people think about me
67. I hate stuffed animals
68. You deserve a medal for lasting this long!
69. It bothers me when people talk slang
70. I hate when people chew with their mouth open
71. Or when they burp excessively without saying “excuse me”
72. I was a model in my 17s
73. When I was younger, before faculty, I worked as a waitress, secretary, accountant and in sales
74. I am planning to get my PHD degree in a few years
75. I don’t have many real friends, but the ones I have they are special
76. I’ve never imagined my wedding when I was a kid, like most of the girls do
77. I just want to get married on a beach, barefoot
78. My wardrobe is full, and I still don’t have a proper piece of clothing to wear
79. I’ve almost got married when I was 22
80. I was engaged twice, but never married
81. In business, I don’t take NO for an answer
82. I am a big fan of “elevator pitch”
83. I would sell you a pen. Yep, you’ll need it
84. Beside social media, I do design, a lil bit of programming (WP mostly)
85. I am a big fan of Coursera and Udacity
86. The craziest course I’ve successfully passed on Coursera was “Forensics”
87. I am a big Apple fan
88. Love Italy and Greece, and their history
89. Still here? Almost over.
90. If I want to sit in the middle of the street, on the pavement, I’ll do it
91. I am grumpy in the morning if I haven’t sleep well
92. When I open my eyes, I am hungry immediately
93. I was practicing ninjutsu for some time (not a warning) 😀
94. I did ballet when I was a kid, but found karate more interesting
95. I was sort of a tomboy when I was younger… always hanging from the tree, rather than baking cookies
96. I hate Barbika’s
97. I love criticism and tend to work on myself if its something I need to change to be better
98. I have had some “love at first sight” moments
99. And finally…
100. I am in love.

Hope you enjoyed these 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, and if you have any questions feel free to email me at milicadenic@gmail.com
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